We are often asked many questions about the commercial and residential services and products that we offer. Here are some of the most common questions with answers. These will help you understand the glass services and products that we have to offer.

Q: I have windows in my house that are glazed with single pane glass. Can I replace the glass with dual pane insulated glass?

A: It is possible. We must first inspect the window type you have and see if there are options based on existing conditions. There are products available that allow the installation of dual pane panels but that does not apply to all conditions.

Q: I have a window glazed with dual pane glass and only one of the panes is broken. Can I just replace one side?

A: No, dual pane (insulated) glass is a completely sealed unit and needs be replaced as a whole in order to function as designed.

Q: I want to replace my single pane windows with energy efficient dual pane windows. Can I replace the window without damage to exterior or interior finishes?

A: Yes, we can remove your existing window with the exception of the perimeter frame and install a complete window unit within your frame and trim to your existing finish. This installation practice minimizes the potential for existing finish damage and the need for repairs. Your existing conditions will need to be examined to see if this practice is applicable.

Q: My windows do not appear to lock or roll correctly. Does this mean I need a new window?

A: No. There are a variety of parts available for window repairs and depending on the extent of the repairs, we may be able to replace only the worn out parts.

Q: What is Low E glass and how will it help me?

A: Low-E stands for Low-Emissivity. Low-E coatings are virtually invisible applied to the glass surface primarily to reduce the U-factor by suppressing radiated heat flow which translates to more energy efficient window system saving you money in energy costs.